Displaying Mixed Content in CD [Solved]

I’m new to CD and loving what I have seen so far. I’ve run into an issue and have tried to search the forum for a solution. I suspect there is one, but I just don’t know the right phrase to use to find it.

What is happening, is that I have a study site I have to access and on one page it contains youtube videos as tutorials. In CD there is nothing where these videos should be. No placeholders or frames. Just blank page.

If I open the same site in IE, I get the similar problem, but it pops up the message “Only secure content is displayed!” When I click the “Show all content” button the videos appear and will play.

Is there a setting in CD that allows something similar to happen?

Mod edit: Added solved to the topic title, Captainsticks.

Hi and welcome Headhigh,
Please note: Loading insecure content is to be done at your own risk and own discretion.

Do you see a shield icon in the top right of the address bar when the page in question is accessed.
If yes, you can click the icon to display the option to load insecure content.

Kind regards.

You Legend Captainsticks. Fixed easily. I’d missed that little fellow.
;D :-TU

Hi Headhigh,
Yes the little fellow is a little obscure.
Glad that helped. :-TU

Kind regards.