Displaying Hostname (instead of ip address)

Hello people, newbie here.
I want to know if it is possible to display the hostname in the log display, instead of ip addresses.
I’ve searched using various keywords (hostname, log, change, etc etc) in this forum with no success.
Thanks beforehand.

In a word: No.


A good question mieora. I posted this as a wish/request many moons ago, while the version prior to version 2.4 was current. If this was in effect, i would not have to use tcp view as a “who is”. Nothing ever come of this wish/request. . maybe down the road, i hope.

Since its somewhat of a problem to get a host name from an IP address, I did a little googling
and found a little freeware utility called fast resolver that does just that.


I have not tried it myself yet, but I may well give it a try.

Yes, there are a few free utilites out there, that resolves the ip address to host name. There is a firewall that resolves ip addresses to host names, and that is Norton, if i remenber correctly.

Too late to edit. That could have been blocked url’s, that Norton resolved. Its been a while since i left Norton and came to Comodo.

I tried fastresolver and it worked very well under Vista. Saves going through a browser. Thanks for the reference. :slight_smile:

thanks all for helping out. i am tempting to switch to zone alarm / pro, since it is quite confusing to utilize this comodo fwall interfaces.
i might give it a try for another week, but i keep you guys posted.
agian, thank you all.

Mieora, you might want to consider using Comodo Version 2.4.
(a) very stable
(b) very user friendly
(c) and its free
I could go on .
I have been using it from day one, with no problems. In fact was using the version prior to it also.

Hi Darth,

Do you think v2.4 better compare to v3 ? Are they using the same scanning engine?
I am using v3 since i thought it is the latest and the greatest (in term of performance, stability, UI, etc etc).

Appreciate any comment. And thanks in advance guys …

Mieora, I am waiting for the dust to settle a bit on posts of reported problems with v3…then I will most likely give v3 a try. I do know www.matousec.com gave v2 good ratings. I don;t believe Comodo has submitted v3 to them yet for a review.

But what we do know is that at least one of those firewalls that did better than comodo ver 2
had a very similar concept to comodo ver3. And that on line armor product does indeed have almost the exact same base concept of a firewall plus defenses now shared by comodo3.