Display thumbnail images of BMP image files as icons

Display thumbnail images of BMP image files as icons - Selecting this option makes the bmp files stored in a folder to be displayed as icons when the folder is viewed through Windows Explorer window.
Note: This option is not available for Windows XP installation.

Well my problem is that in the previous installation of CSC i had that option WAS available, and after i had done some looking around and trials of some of the options i found myself facing the problem of being unable to disable that option. It forced itself enable over and over again after i had turned it off, so i uninstalled CSC and then when it still didn’t work i installed it again, only now i had a newer version without the specific option. So i couldn’t do anything, So i checked out the help me file and when i realized for sure that it was this option that was causing the problem i decided to ask you for help

Tell me if you need any more info other then that i use Windows XP 64x

please help as soon as you can as it’s a major inconvenience

Cheers and thank you for your help


Seems i forgot to wright the effect as well -.-’ As I’m trying to open a image file with the normal windows fax and pictured viewer it doesn’t react at all, Doesn’t start loading or anything, And even so i can open the pictures in other programs such as photoshop and IE/FF

Thanks for looking over my problem and hopefully you can help as this is a major inconvenience


This is not a CSC generated issue, it’s a file association problem occurring in some circumstances, especially on Windows XP 64 bit. This is the solution according to Microsoft’s forum :



Save or open the JPE/JPG/JPEG Association Fix and run the registry file contained inside the archive. This should fix your pictures problem. As for CSC, I advice you to use the latest version ( .38 )

Thank you for your support.

Thank you very much for your help and I am using it =)

Tho it seems it didn’t solve my problem, I’ll look into this more tomorrow, Until then any thought’s and Idéas are welcome. Very much so =)

Looked around on the net, and I’m still sure it’s related to CSC in some way but as i can’t prove or be 100% sure i won’t say it caused or didn’t cause this problem, Anyhoo i got it working again thanks too some guy with a similar problem and very bad English =) All i had to do was type in regsvr32 shimgvw.dll into windows RUN.

Thank you for your time and effort and keep the good work up