Display Signature Database Release Date

I find this to be something extremely strange but I cannot find the Signature Database release date displayed in the application anywhere.
On the advanced view the AV panel shows you when the last update occurred, which may or may not have updated any signatures so is largely irrelevant.
On the help>about page, it shows the database version but no date to show you how recent that version is.

Windows keeps telling me my virus protection is out of date (which is a separate bug since it isn’t) but I have no way of knowing whether that is true or not from the application as I cannot see what the date of the current signature database is.
The only way I could figure out whether it was recent or not was to look online to find out what the latest database version and it’s release date was but this should be something I can see within the application immediately.

I did a search before posting this and there were other suggestions that were similar but they were from around 10 years ago so it seems strange this hasn’t been mentioned again or implemented anywhere. I think the product UI is actually quite bad and could do with a lot of improving in general but at least show me the database date for now :slight_smile:

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Database version is shown in help>about page (funny place to find it) without any release date for it displayed

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Be able to see the release date of the current signature database (and main product version would be good to)

3. Why you think it is desirable:
I have no way of knowing if my AV database is up to date or not

4. Any other information:
Microsoft doesn’t seem to be able to tell that Comodo is up to date either, even though my signatures are current I always get prompted that my virus protection is out of date.

THe database is shown in the interface but not immediately visible to the eye. Go to Help → About to see what AV database is installed.

Sorry I titled my post poorly, I meant showing the database release date not version

Hi Bunta126,

I think your requirement of DB release date is due to the “virus protection is out of date” warning from microsoft.
If so, this issue has been solved in CIS v12. Did you get this microsoft warning with latest CIS?


Please also share your thoughts about product UI improvement.

Thanks, I don’t appear to be getting the microsoft warnings any more with this version.
There doesn’t appear to be any difference in the UI from what I can tell and I still think it would be a good idea displaying the database release date in the about info.