Display Problem

Am I the only one who has this problem? I have searched this entire forum under display/ interface, and found nothing.

My OS is Vista 64x. I have tried reinstalling, resizing, and cannot make it display properly. I have never seen the Misc. options no matter what I choose to install. (FW only, or both FW n AV).

I have uninstalled a previous verision because of this,… But then I read the release notes for 531 and it mentioned “FIXED! Some applications do not run when CIS is installed in Vista 64 bit”

But I still have the same problem. See sceenshot…


Anyone else have this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to use this program.

Do you use other programs to change how Windows looks like Windows Blinds or something similar?

I use windows classic instead of Aeros. Would that be the reason?

1024x768 @ 75Hz on a gateway crt monitor.

Thanks for the reply.

I have no idea. Try switching to Aero ar any other mode and see if that helps or not.

It might have something to do with another problem I have, previous to installing CIS. On reboot my display changes resolution to 640x480 and refresh rate, as if it were in safe mode, which it’s not. This problem is quite common with many different reasons as to why… I have yet to find a solution. I’m leaning towards a compatibility issue with one of my programs. Vista 64 is a bird of a different color.

Anyway,… I did a system restore to a day or 2 back, and saw CIS displaying properly with Misc. showing. Although it does not stay correctly on subsequent reboots, I have seen Misc for the first time. :smiley:
It now comes and goes. I had the same problem with Norton also coming and going. Not with Outpost though. I can live with it coming and going. Atleast I saw what I was missing, which is not much. As long as the firewall works correctly, I’ll be happy.

A bigger problem is my display changing on every single reboot. Thanks for your reply.

Is the display changing independent of CIS being installed or not?

Yes. I have had this problem previous to installing CIS. The display changes (resolution) after a reboot about 70% of the time. But for some reason it only effects the display of CIS and no other programs.

When it boots normally, CIS displays fine. When it boots to 640x480 and I change it back to 1024x 768, thats when CIS doesn’t display properly.

Try updating to the latest version of your graphics driver. It is one of things that could be driver related also.

Thanks Eric, but I’m afraid that’s a bit difficult. I think my GPU is built in and Nvidia has no listing for a GeForce 9100.

I checked out the NVIDIA web site and they a set of driver for the 9 series for:
Desktop computer: GeForce/ION Driver Release 190 190.38
Laptop computer: GeForce Release 186 186.03 .

Beware these are some big downloads.

You are way too kind, Eric.

But if you look at the tab “products supported” in the first link, you won’t see 9100. I think these drivers are for installed cards, where as mine is onboard.

Would like to update my driver,… but as the driver installed it is not that old 10/12/08, I’m in no hurry to find the right driver.

Why you ask? Well,…just like I thought, It was a startup program running in compatibility mode. Funny thing is,… after disabling all the inane programs Vista 64 has running at startup, I was left with only 2 and wouldn’t you know, one of them was the culprit. And I just stumbled upon it, while searching the registry trying to resolve something else.


I very much appreciate your help, thanks.

Again, just wanted to thank you for your willingness to help me.

While solving another matter totally unrelated to this problem, I stumbled upon the reason my CIS display wasn’t showing properly, as stated above.

I am a happy camper! ;D

Love forums like this, and the kind people willing to help.

Which makes this product even more appealing. :slight_smile: