Display problem with all logs etc.. help

hi, i have a wierd problem, earlyer today i uninstalled/reinstalled comodo cause of another app deleting all the startup items in the registry… aanyway

since i reinstalled, when i open “my pending files” it is empty, even though it shows theres 30+ in there,
same thing when i click any of the other pop up boxes like " view active connections" or “view firewall events”

all of them are empty, i know there should be things listed in there because it doesnt say “there are no items to show” at the top,

so anyone got any idea why they would all come up empty? and yes i tried reinstalling again in case it was fluke.

Are you using Windowblinds? What you are describing happens to me and I use Windowblinds. I even added to WB exceptions but it still happens. All I do is right click on the Comodo icon in the taskabr and exit out. Then restart Comodo and all is fine. :BNC

ooh nice one thats the problem, ok time to mess with WB a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome. Comodo doesn’t like WB but I am not about to get rid of WB cause I love it. Add all Comodo apps to the exception list of WB. (CWY)

yeh i have done, dunno if it works yet. might go onto the wb forums and ask

It doesn’t work but it helps when you look at the GUI. I have gotten use to it. Comodo still works fine.