Display filtered rules

There were a lot of topics about sorting Rules (both Firewall and Defence+).

Also there were spoken a lot of advanteges and disadvanteges of this opportunity.

But I offer not to SORT, but FILTERED displaying. Like in Logs section.
Also this can solve problem with SEARCHING application in Rules. If Filter will be released on method of Regular Expression - it would be great.

For example - now I have to remember the full path to application if i want to find it.
In new way you will be able to click “Filter” - “Application” - and type PART of app.name or path.
So I type “system32” and see all applications in C:\Windows[b]System32[/b]\ , or may be f:\SomeGame[b]System32[/b]3\ or even g:[b]system32[/b]5.exe
Or I can select “Trusted” in Filtering by type “Threat As” and see only Trusted applications.

So I think ability to FILTER displaying Rules will solve both SEARCH and SORT wishes.