Display command line for app in alert window.

A feature I truly honest to goodness find useful, that even task manager has, and that I strongly believe CIS should have, especially since the XP task manager doesn’t show them, is command line display for apps.

It is extremely useful for when malware tries to hijack known apps, like launch rundll32 to execute a virus dll. It can also help with intuitively understanding what an unknown app is trying to do in some cases.


As an advanced user, I require this additional info, but most users will not know how to deal with it, so maybe enabling this for ‘Advanced Users’ only would be a good choice. Simple users get confused.

Could you please explain more detailed about this feature you request. Do you need more detailed alert? Or what do you mean under command line?

I vote “no”. Or if it will be implemented nevertheless, i hope it will be optional.

Real time defender(ProSecurity)

please see the picture.

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