display bug with KillSwitch

The CPU usage displayed in the bottom left corner is cut off.
There is no option to adjust the display.
Picture are worth a thousand words.
Here is the picture

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can’t replicate.

Can’t replicate?
The picture shows it clearly!
Nothing to replicate. Simply look at the picture to see the display.

The screenshot is useful. However, can you replicate it every time?

John, did you change the item and or text size in Windows? The image has me wondering about that.

No, everything is default size. Upon changing the window size I discovered although the window stretches (or shrinks), the corner remains the same. It doesn’t change.
I even tried opening KillSwitch directly. No change. The same display error.

If I recall correctly you are on Windows 10. I made an image with an overlay of KS on the image you posted. I am running Windows 10 Insider 11102 x64.

I see different font sizes and also the items in the title bar differ in size. As far as I know I am using default settings on a 1680*1050 pixels screen. I am also using nvidia graphics card with driver version 341.92.

I played with scaling and when I set Windows to scale to 175% I got an image that is close to yours but without the anomaly you’re seeing.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Windows default settings
Build 11102.rs1 (x64)
Display density: 1920x1080p (native)
Nvidia GTX-980, driver v361.43

We have a different driver. How did you get the “boxed” minimize, maximize and close buttons?

I’m not sure what you mean by “boxed”

If you compare the minimize, maximize and close buttons of Killswitch you will see a difference. It’s what I describe as “boxed”. I don’t know why it looks different where we both think we are using default settings.

I see what you mean.
I don’t get the “boxed” look in Windows Settings or Windows universal apps.

Did you check diagnostics report (archive) for dumps?

It’s a display bug. No error logs.
Works fine other than the display issue

Please check this issue again when next (major) version is released.


Please check with Comodo Internet Security V10.0.0.6071 Beta thanks.

There is NO change to this issue.

Hi John,

Please attach :

  1. system summary (run > msinfo32) & diagnostics report
  2. a normal screenshot (not a window screenshot)
  3. full dump of ‘killswitch.exe’ process with ProcDump: ProcDump - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn
    procdump -ma -n 3 killswitch.exe