Display baloon messages definition

Can someone explain to me the exact definition of “baloon messages”?
Because what i noticed seems to be either wrong implementation or wrong definition of that word.
There are two types of popups in CIS. Baloon popups (those that appear after database update) and those rectangular ones for Firewall and Defense+.

However i would like to keep baloon popups for updates and rectangular popup when CIS automatically quarantines something and when Firewall allows/blocks an application. However i don’t want to see stuff that Defense+ is doing.
Is there any way to supress ONLY Defense+ rectangular popups?
I’ve seen just one option which either enables or disables all these popups at once.
Or am i missing something? Any chance to control popups of each subsystem separately?

The only ballon messages you can stop are the Defence+ and Network Ballon messages.
Sorry you have no control over CIS Antivirus(Quarantine) or Update ballons.

So defs baloons will display even if i’ve disabled the “Display Baloon Messages” when right-clicking Comodo tray icon?

That’s right comrade.