disk space

hi all i installed CTM and it was working fine till today, now it says i have low disk space. In windows explorer i have 7.79gb free on my c: drive (the only one i am using time machine on), in the advanced screen of CTM it tells me i have 1089mb of free space. The thing that really gets me confused it in CTM settings > Protection settings it says i have 7983mb of free space. Is this a bug or am i missing a setting about amount of space CTM can use.
don’t know if it helps but i have a 186gb after partitioning, and it is split into a 30gb c: and the rest in a p: drive. thanks for the help.

I think CTM uses space that your system thinks is free. So, 1089mb is how much CTM has left to work with (rather low). The 7.79gb & 7983mb (roughly the same thing) is probably what your system sees.
I’m just guessing, so it would be good to get a definitive answer.

Hi, dkjedi
You can go to ‘settings’ > ‘protection settings’, and click ‘compact’ to launch CTM maintanence.
After maintanence, you will get the real free space of all protected partitions.

Hopefully it helps.
Best regards.

Did you choose to protect only C driver or both C and P?

thank you all for you replies, but since then i had to reformat my computer anyway (an unrelated problem). Anyway i haven’t reinstalled CTM again yet. Again Thanks for your help.