Disk Health Monitoring

I hope this has not been mentioned yet. But I think Comodo should develop a disk monitoring software. God knows how many hard drives I have had fail me in just 6 months of buying them and not knowing exactly what wrong is a bit worrying. Sometimes CHKDSK fixes the issues but sometimes it makes it worse. So it would be nice if Comodo could develop a utility that could let us know when a hard drive is about to fail, give comprehensive details of the failure occuring and probably either recommend or initiate a backup procedure before the hard drive itself goes kaput.

what do you think?


It can be real time or stand a lone. I used a tool in the past for my old PC, It was about to die… 10% left, And not long later it died!

It’s a good idea! :-TU


+1, esp. integrating it in CWT