Disk Full?

I have been getting a lot of BSODs and tried to ‘go back’ with CTM using the last snapshot. It said my disk was full. So, I deleted the snapshot and tried to go back to the baseline and the same thing happened. I’m not sure how my disk is full, because it was’t before I tried to do the restore.

Now none of my browsers will open and the disk is full and I’m still getting the BSODs…even a new one.

Can anyone please help?

No one? :cry:

Hi dyanne2:

This is because there are no “real” free space on your protected partions, please delete some useless snapshots and compact snapshots. (Settings->Protection Settings->compact)
But if the space of protected volumes is indeed full, that is to say the disk space is used 100%, you have to uninstall CTM and reinstall it.

BTW: It is better to move “Paging file”, “Temp”, “My Documents”, “Desktop”, and IE “Temporary Internet Files” folder location path to a unprotected partition. To do this can make the protected partitons more “stable”, and we will add this feature in next release.

Best Regards.

Following your directions, it won’t let me 'compact." All I have on there is the baseline…no additional snapshots to remove.

It does say that it is 100% full. I tried to remove it through both the add/remove programs, and Revo uninstaller. Neither will remove it. I get an error message stating " a fatal error has occurred during installation." ???

Any other suggestions? That pc is totally useless right now.

If anything gets wrong on uninstallation… you could lost data.


You really should warn people that CTM can destroy their pc’s. I have spent a whole week trying to fix this pc that was ruined by your program. I finally had to get someone to look at it, and was told the whole OS has to be reinstalled.

Be wary of any programs that won’t let you remove them.