Disk Full Message

Ran into something that I have never seen before. Today, I got a Windows message that said I was low on disk space. Although I don’t have a large hard drive, 80GB, I try to keep it fairly clean. Now here’s the kicker, I found that my folder C:\Windows\temp had 52GB (not MB) of files on it. When I went to look to where all these files were I found that almost all of the space was occupied by a set of files with the common file name “sbs_ve_adst nnnnnn” (where nnnnn was a numeric variable). Now each of these files were about 15MB in size, had no file extension, there were about 3000 of them AND all had been created within the last two weeks with a large part of them within the last week.

I got on the internet and tried to google any messages regarding this behavior but could not find any. I finally decided to delete all of them (not the other files in the folder) and rebooted the system. Everything looks OK now but I suspect that this is not the end of it. I hazard to say that there may be some virus/bug that is creating these files and I will get another dose of them.

PS: Since I deleted the files I got one more file of the same MO which I also deleted. Since then (2 days ago) I have now had no new files created of the type I described above.