Discusssion of Windows: Past, Present, and the Future

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Criticisms?

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Question? yes! what is it all about ???

About the end of WIndows XP mainstream support and the likely Windows 7 release year. This post is for discussion, but I fancy’d it to this.

The question is - Will Windows XP fade away into the past and Win 7 will take it’s place (since Vista failed) or not.

And I think Win 7 will be just a better Vista. And that will be enough for people to begin the transfer to the new OS :slight_smile:

7 is the new XP In my opinion. I believe that is why they went and made a “light” kernel I believe? make it less spec intense like vista? so it’s easier to upgrade to then Vista? I may be wrong but I dunno :stuck_out_tongue: I believe the majority of XP users will upgrade to 7. They should honestly give Vista users a discount. for the mess of an OS it ahs been for others (personally I love Vista and it’s great for me) But I have seen it be a complete junk OS with others :frowning: Anywho Windoz 7 = new XP :-TU

Have you noyiced this pattern: Starting with Windows 98 (Good), Windows ME (BAD), Windows XP (Good), Windows Vista (abit bad), WIndows 7 (good, as it seems right now). (:NRD)

I heard Windows 7 is lighter then XP… If that’s the case, That’s one reason to upgrade. But, IMO we really can’t judge a pre-cocked beta right now… Wait for the final. :slight_smile:


What sort of hardware does it need? After all the lies re. Vista…

WinSxS folder is it smaller or the same in 7?

And where does Windows 2000 (Excellent) fit into your schema? :wink:

Microsoft says (according to Wikpedia - search string ‘windows 7’) the OS will not require hardware changes as did Vista (they learned something).

What did they learn?

Windows 7 will have at least the same hardware requirements as Vista.
So if you haven’t already jumped on board with a new high powered rig don’t hold your breath.
Windows 7 by all early accounts will be the same pig, in a prettier dress.

There was never a compelling reason to move to Vista, and there won’t be with 7.

Why do these new MS OS’s need so much power?
Because it takes a lot of processing power for Big Brother to control you!
They will decide for you what software and services you can access.
And charge you for it.
It’s all about $$$.
It is just the next step toward monetizing everything you do.
They don’t want anyone to own software, the ugly future is software as a service.
So you can pay and pay into eternity.
It kills them that you can buy software and use it for years.
The market is saturated and the $$$ hungry behemoth must be fed.
The motto there must be, make it prettier and the suckers will come.

There is a line that gets used a lot that just kills me.
“Windows is the most popular OS in the world.”
Well no ■■■■ it’s the only OS that has been rammed down everyone’s neck hole,
since the beginning of PC’s.
MS didn’t get where they are by being better than anyone.
They got there because of some shrewd licensing deals in the early days.

So a bit of advice for anyone that doesn’t want to get hosed real bad, or learn Linux.
Grab a valid copy of XP while you still can and hold on for dear life.
Maybe after a second major flop they might start to get a clue and develop software
FOR their customers, Instead of software designed to see how hard they can ■■■■■
you without making you scream.

Whew all vented now, :THNK nothing to see here move along.

Comsumer OS not Servers (:TNG)

Just a quick FYI
Windows 2000 Pro isn’t a server.
There are actually lots of people use it.
Support from MS till 2010.

I hereby exclude that because it will null the pattern. Lol. I acknowledge that, but it will null the pattern. And I am Serious. (:NRD)

I changed my topic’s name so the past posts will not be off-topic

Some Vista features have been a double edged sword, even though were planned to overcome some issues the changes were not free form drawbacks.

Even the improvements to the GUI were somewhat a mixed bag.

The first time I had to find the Support tab of a Local Area Connection using the tray icon I had to open countless dialog settings (ipconfig is way more easy to use :frowning: ).
Managing different screen properties (themes,screensavers,wallpapers) is no more carried using one dialog with tabs but with different dialogs with one tab ???

UAC, LUA Virtualization, Process integrity levels (ILs) increased the overall architecture complexity to improve security with obvious side-effects even for end users.

Windows Vista security flaws show progress, not perfection.

Just to note, if you are a Mac user, the OS is built in. If you wish to upgrade, you must purchase a new computer. Mac has done this since the beginning.

The way they hidden in Vista I wonder if they want you to find them.
Disable Netbois in XP quite simple in Vista as gibran posts a different story :frowning:

Not really.

Mac OS X upgrade doesn’t come cheap

Anyway EULAs usually impose more restrictions on what is actually possible and it is possible to bind an installation to a specific hardware forcing an user to buy a new license in some scenarios.

eg: AFAIK non retail (preinstalled) Windows versions were usually licensed to be used only on the PC they were bundled with. It’s still not clear to me if the limitation on preinstalled windows still exists but it looks like that Vista retail EULA was modified to remove this limitation.

OEM License still forbid License reassignments an any users who attempt to bypass said restriction is liable for this illicit action.

[b]OEM licenses still different[/b]

It bears repeating, however, the the OEM license that comes with Vista is indeed similar to the Windows XP OEM license in that it forbids any kind of transfer.

If that EULA was not modified all users who bought a Vista software package separately had to buy another license if they wanted to dismantle their old PC and build a new one.

Before that change it was not possible to reassing to another device an existing Vista License even for Retail versions.

News: Revision to Windows Vista retail licensing terms