Discussions on how CFP 3 Alpha works (NOT for bug reports) [Closed]

Hokay, I have a query, I don’t think it is a bug so am posting it in here… :slight_smile:

If I EXIT the firewall and it closes down, it still leaves a running process in task manager (cmdagent.exe) after it closes down…

Is this how it supposed to be?? - I would have thought if you close something down it gets rid of all processes…

Yes, cmdagent is the service that controls the drivers of CFP. Even if the guide crushes the protection remains. :wink: ;D

Ahh thanks for that, but it still confuses me a little bit… - I would have thought if I wanted to exit Comodo completly then all processes would have been killed :slight_smile: (yes, I know I can manually kill the process myself, but I would have thought using the “exit” button it would have done it for me.)

One thing I REALLY LIKE in the new Comodo is that it lets my computers talk to each other without even asking for permission…
Out of all the firewalls I have tried/tested over the years, this is the only firewall that has given me automatic access to my computers through the network without any kind of hassle or prompt at all…

Gives you 5 stars just for that feature :BNC (B)

Hokay, I’m back again…

  1. Can anyone tell me where I can find the list of applications that I have ticked as either trusted or not trusted?? - I can’t seem to find it… (Edit: Found it under firewall/advanced/network security policy/application rules - would have thought personally tho, that it would have been staring at you in the face as soon as you clicked firewall since app rules are something you (at least I do) would be checking quite regulary :slight_smile: )

  2. The firewall automatically let IE7 out onto the Internet without asking me, Why??? (I think I might have found the answer to this, in firewall/advanced/predefined firewall policies) will test it shortly by deleting all the predefined policies.
    Personally I prefer the firewall to ASK me at least once if I want something to access the Internet, not have the firewall containing a set of predefined rules, as I like to be able to tell the firewall myself rather than the firewall presume to know what I want.
    (Sorry that’s just a pet hate)

  3. Is there a way to turn Defense+ OFF?? - at this stage of things it is getting a real pain in the ■■■■, I would rather just test the firewall parts of Comodo without having to click on the dozens of windows that Defense+ opens up all the time… - Maybe when I finished playing with the firewall part then I will look at Defense+

Under firewall and defence+ → xxxxxx Security Policy you see all the applications. And “Treat as” shows whether its “Trusted, Isolated etc. etc.”

I think that’s due to the safelist integrated in the application. Same thing happened to me with Yahoo Messenger! But if you set the security level to much higher position you might get the alerts!
But you don’t want to do that! Trust me! He he…

Yes you can…
Defense±> Defense+ Settings change the level to Allow All (This doesn’t work from the system tray though!)

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the repely, much appreciated :slight_smile:

I found another way around the “letting applications use the net without asking” without changing the security level, you go into “firewall/advanced/predefined firewall policies” and delete all the predefined rules…
This will then force Comodo to ask you when something wants to access the net…
Lots more simple that adjusting the security level (:LGH)

i just make sytem (factory) restore. How to do this option that allow me to mark a PC safe?

I think you will find that “feature” will be in either the Beta or the final release(s), it isn’t in the Alpha release…

Do a right click on teh system tray icon, select DEFENSE + SECURITY LEVEL - ALLOW ALL. This, I think, is like the old firewall ALLOW ALL, but applicable to Defense +.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hey Ewen

Hey does this work for you! Mine doesn’t! Always have to open the window and do the modifications in order to disable DF+


Ahh, thanks for that, I think someone else mentioed that as well, but I’m a little tired :slight_smile: so thakns to both of you :slight_smile:

Positive! Comodo V 3.0 has many improvements! :BNC :BNC :BNC

Negativ! The allow/deny application philosophy was changed. (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)


could you develop this point please? The allow/deny app philo was changed…why is that negative? they added the “treat this app as…” function, great when needed (to use cautiously obviously)…
well could you be more precise? Thank you.

For example 2 pictures.

Can you see the allow/deny/concept?

Where does it exists in CPF 3.0 Alpha?


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ive clicked and read about every button, but i cant seem to find a way to re-enable windows file sharing.

And now you see the differences between CPF 2.4 and CPF 3.0.

Before an application try to connect to the internet you can click “ok” or “cancel”. The standard entry is “allow the request”.

I am not happy about these changings.

I prefer “allow” or “deny” to allow or deny an application to connect to the internet.

Conclusion: I prefer the CPF 2.4-concept!!!


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One of the things that makes 2.4 so attractive to average users like myself is the presence of the ‘Scan for known applications’ feature. You run the scanner, wait until it stops and you’re done. Does v3 have a similar cofiguration wizard, I’d like to know?

not in the alpha, don’t know for future versions.

ok if you mean the alerts in 3.0 definitely miss the details given in 2.4, I agree. But that’s in the alpha, that will change I’m sure. Thanks for your answer btw.