Discussion of ProSecurity HIPS Owner/Developer Joining Comodo

Unfortunately there is no “new prosecurity development”. At least not by Comodo or the original author. Comodo DID NOT acquire the code, they have simply hired the developer. Who knows what they will assign him to?

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I do not see any reason why ProSec. will not be developed further, Owner right is to do whatever he wants to do with code he owns, only if he signed some special catch 22 with Comodo, then I don’t know…

The usual thing would be for the new employer to enforce certain restrictions on the employee. These are done to protect the intellectual property rights of any new work done by the employee and to ensure that they are focussed on what they are paid to focus on.

These are fairly standard conditions when being employed as a programmer.

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Yes, but we shouldn’t neglect fact that this Comodo employee live in China, where things are little different…

Regardless of where you work, a contract is a contract is a contract. Unless, of course, your name is Sonny Bill Williams ( ;)Aussies will get the reference).

I’m sure Comodo have protected themselves and their new employee in what ever contractual arrangements were made.

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You know, PR China have laws, contract is signed there (I guess), so contract must be in harmony with PR China laws (I guess also)…which are little different from US…guess …

P.S. I win, I WIN, I killed panic interest in this tread :BNC :BNC >:-D… (:SAD) :cry: :-TD

With all due respect, that is not the general consensus outside this forum.
For some time now, PS is reputed as the best/one of the best HIPS.

Test after test, PS has shown consistency, and little failures (or less failures compared to others).

And it’s a very complete product. dll injection AND dll loading for instance.



pedro, unfortunately, ps has breached the contracts and left behind the customers, mainly the paying like myself.no more updates and downloads and you realy cannot activate it and just link you to the chinese site and I don’t know chinese at all. perhaps I’m going to learn chinese in order to able to use it. who knows? it’s a shame! it shame on us.I have an old copy but i’m afraid of using that one. best regards.

I’m sure it wasn’t his intention. No-one sets out to create a company that doesn’t succeed. Sometimes commercial reality overtakes ambition.

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I’m referring to the program, not the company.

Actually, ProSecurity’s claim to fame is/was its superior handling of real malware…particularily those using rootkit install maneuvers. I and others (Wilders members aigle and alfa1) have been testing PS for nearly two years against the most noteworthy malware available. It was the only security app I used/needed on my home and business systems.


Hi everyone, I believe this thread has run it’s course. It’s primary goal was to inform users that the ProSecurity HIPS Owner/Developer has joined Comodo, not to discuss the programs merits, whether or not it was fair to buyers of the program, or anything else.

If one wishes to open up a thread discussing the merits of ProSecurity in comparison to that of another program, have at it, but this thread is locked.

We decided to split the thread so the announcement is left alone, and you can discuss ProSecurity in this thread.



hi, comodo buddies,
I don’t know if you can answer me back but I woud like to know whether prosecurity will get back activating the software and updating it? I have the software because I purchased it. may I go on using it? is that safe and I may be rely on it? I’d appreciate if someone may inform something because they stopped working without previous notice. Best Regards.


Hey, how did I become the starter of this thread? ???
I don’t care about ProSecurity!
I’m just happy that Comodo got a new developer! >:(

IMO the ProSecurity dude did not bring his code along, only his brain, and therefore it is improper to ask questions about ProSecurity on a Comodo forum!

When a guy moves to another team, is it still right to ask questions about what he did for his old team at a news conference held by his new team??! 88)

One more time …

[b]Comodo have employed the guy that wrote and distributed ProSecurity.

Comodo did not buy the codebase for ProSecurity.

Comodo will not be developing ProSecurity as they do not own the code.[/b]

IMHO, ProSecurity is now a dead product. I can’t imagine that Comodo have employed PS’s developer and will allow him to continue to develop a product that competes with the Comodo’s products.

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If it’s important to you, we can split the thread after your post and delete you post. :wink:


I am glad about this move. Very, very good move for Comodo!