Discussion of ProSecurity HIPS Owner/Developer Joining Comodo

This is very, very good news.
Comodo is nigh near unstoppable now, if they weren’t before.
Congratulations; very smart move.
(:CLP) :■■■■

congrats (V)

We need to have a “Welcome to the Comodo Family” party for the ProSecurity Owner/Developer. :slight_smile: If he reads this forum … Welcome and I hope you enjoy working with the Comodo Team. I think you will bring a lot of insight and new features to the Comodo product line.

What does that mean for Prosecurity and those who have bought it???

Will Comodo take Prosecurity and improve it and offer it free to all owner of Prosecurity as a stand alone HIPS?


Great and GREAT :BNC :BNC :BNC

we have not acquired the code.


In other words, I believe Prosecurity is no more. I reference this in the first post

You might have (or not : ) noticed that Pro-Security HIPS is no longer

This isn’t the same situation as BOClean & Kevin. :slight_smile: (Where Comodo acquired BOClean & Kev :P), ProSecurity Has come to an end and the owner tried to sell the code for it, but instead joined Comodo & Already working on CIS! :BNC

As the Prosecurity developer is a Comodo member now, maybe someone here might ask him :wink:

And also about this circulating dubious(?) Prosecurity 1.43+ Free version.
No one knows if its a legal :a0 or a warez >:-D release.


Welcome aboard (CLY)

Since the owner “tried to sell the code for it”, and Comodo did not acquire it, the owner still has the rights to the code which he can sell in the future, even though now he is working for Comodo.

The Owner/Developer off course yes still has the code, He wouldn’t of thrown it away. But either way Dev/Owner joined Comodo & is working on Comodo products. So Most likely he through the code away for ProSecurity HIPS. It wasn’t going too well… (So no Comodo didn’t acquire the code, Just the developer :))

I hope he can register on these forums to clarify some answers for you all.


Well, I’m satisfied just knowing that he is a part of the team.
Since Comodo didn’t acquire the code, I wouldn’t ask him any questions about ProSecurity in this Comodo forum anyway.


hi, comodo users,

congratulations comodo. comodo is gettig beter and beter! I bought the prosecurity pro and was left behind without a previous notice and obviously without support because nowadays it’s very common to sell security softwares and just disappear without respecting your paying customers! it’s a shame what prosecurity did with your customers who bought lifetime licenses. I was also tricked by dcs processguard. best regards.


I thought this risk factor was generally understood as being present in all software categories, not just security softwares [sic], from the beginning…
Didn’t Microsoft do something similar to OS/2 developers some years ago?

it's a shame what prosecurity did with your customers who bought lifetime licenses.
IMO the lifetime license concept does software developers a disservice, and I generally try to convince the developer of any software I enjoy from going down this route. >:-D

Well, that’s a bad news to know that Prosecurity won’t be update anymore :cry:

Does that mean that Comodo will offer a free standalone HIPS comparable if not even better than the actual Prosecurity?


IMHO CFP 3 was/is already “better” than ProSecurity.

ProSecurity’s claim to fame was basically that it covered more theoretically possible threat vectors.

CFP 3 is a Firewall + a HIPS, I just want a HIPS (like prosecurity) since I already have a firewall… By the way, I prefer by far Prosecurity (wich look a lot like Process Guard) and feel a lot more secure with it than I never did with CFP. I suppose it’s just a question of taste :wink:

IMO I think it is a mistake to think of Firewalls and HIPS as two distinct categories.

CFP 2 was a firewall; CFP 3 is, as you say, at this point, a Firewall + HIPS, but I would expect that CFP 4 (if there ever was such a beast), would be a HIPS product primarily.


Because essentially, HIPS means (correct me if I am wrong), a Host Intrusion Prevention System.

What is the role of a firewall?

Wouldn’t that role essentially fall under the umbrella of the capabilities of a competent HIPS?

hi, comodo budiies,
I have some questions about it. will the new prosecurity development be a standalone software or a included in the comodo personal firewall by replacing the present hips inside? by the way, when will be launched? do you have a forecast? I’d appreciate for your hints and some information about it and its scheduling.best regards.