Discrepancy in Component Monitor

In the Comodo Firewall Help files, it says you have the option to Allow / Block / Ask to indicate whether a component is an authorised part of an application accessing the Internet.

But in my version of the Component Monitor, there is no Ask option at all - only Allow or Block. This is the case whether Learn mode is on or off.

Is this just an error in the Help files, or is there something I have to do enable the Ask option …? I would like to have an ask option, as it would be useful for determining what activities cause a component to be loaded into memory.

Thank Q!

Hi one_billion_daleks, welcome to the forums.

Which version are you running?

Can you confirm if the Help is referring to the Show Libraries screen? In the beta I’m running, this is the only time I see the Ask option.

I think the Show Libraries screen is only available when the Component Monitor is in ON mode, in LEARN mode the Library Components are reported individually. In ON mode the Component Monitor lists any unknown/changed components in the Show Libraries screen. If Ask is selected then you will be prompted each time the component is used. The equivalent in LEARN mode is to not check the Remember option.