Discontinued products of Comodo

Hello! I was wondering why Comodo stopped Memory Guardian? I’m aware it’s now in the CIS product. But what about other users who don’t use CIS? It would have been a nice layer of extra protection for them plus it would get an extra word about Comodo out there. Or Comodo felt that it’s better to integrate it in CIS so more users use CIS instead of other security products?

Also what about Comodo Disk Encryption? As it’s hard to find a good one these days or at least the one you trust.

So is I-Vault… I think to use it with CD would be perfect.


I dont think CDE (Disk Encryption) is out of the game.

In fact, CDE is still listed in Security Products and Services in COMODO’s forum.
It is not in the Discontinued Products list as Memory Guardian and i-Vault are.

You are right. Thank you for correcting me. My mistake. What I meant by that is that CDE was stuck in BETA stage for ages now and seem to be dead.

Comodo staff & mods? Any A? :frowning:

With Comodo Endpoint Security, it will come back. You’ll see.

I think it was put aside only for a while, to bring CESM 3.0.
CESM 3.0 is here now, and I am pretty sure we will have CDE back again soon.