Disconnecting my internet connection

Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows a way to fix this comodo firewall problem i have.
Running windows xp, with wireless PCI card

Anyways heres the problem, whenever i load up a program comodo comes up asking me if i want to deny or accept this opening and i have the choice to click always remember this setting. That is normal. The issue is that every time it comes up with a pop up for a new application or command, it disconnects my internet, for 30 seconds or so… This is rather annoying since im always getting new programs and trying out new things. Please if anyone knows how to fix this let me know
Thanks in advance

Bump (:SAD)

That’s wild. I have no clue to what could be happening. First of all tell us more about your setup. What anti virus and antispyware programs are running in the background. What OS are you on? Does temporarily disabling the AV and AS help?

Im on xp home edition, running NOD32 v3, i dont have any AS running, i only run AS’s when i need to.
I haven’t tried to disable the AV, but im pretty sure its nothing to do with it. I went back to v 2.4 of comodo for now, it was causing too much hassle.

I also had the same issue with version 3 and internet problems… >:(