Disc Burner

Burnaware or CDBurnerXP?
Which is better?

Win 7 64

Hi Naren,

For Win 7 64bit, InfraRecorder 64bit Download on SourceForge has a specific 64 bit version as well as a 32 bit version. If not I personally use ImgBurn The Official ImgBurn Website and find it works great :-TU

HTH ( Hope This Helps ) :slight_smile:

ImgBurn is good but can not make multi-session discs. Burnaware can and I have never heard of the other one.

I like ImgBurn but more suited for advanced users.

I am looking for average users.

Disc drive on my system is Lightscribe enabled.
Is Lightscribe independant or dependant on disc burners?

Lightscribe works through labeling software. I have the Ashampoo Burning Studio which includes a labeler that can use Lightscribe. I don’t know of any other burners that include it.

Nero … was on the new drive i bought … with lightscribe and another technology … locking the access … and it was not a good choice.
i have chosen BurnAware as recommended tool.

So I can use Lightscribe with CDBurnerXP, right?

as soon as compatibility is not any more a problem ; you can try all that you want but have you try it ? does it work on without trouble in practice not in theory ? i suppose it is better to have a soft or a hard-disk perfectly implemented - p.e my disk was a toshiba with bundled nero suite (plus secure disc) [avoid]'.

It looks like you can yes. I have never had any problems with Lightscribe and they are the only blank discs I will buy. At first I used a dedicated labeling program but after installing the free version of Ashampoo Burning Studio which includes a labeler, I have been using that to label my discs. It works great.

I have never tried CDBurnerXP.

I’m a long time user of CDBurnerXP, though I’ve never used LightScribe so I can’t comment on that. CDBurnerXP works fine for me.

ImgBurn + 1 - but nothing on the market beats Ashampoo Burning Studio.

nothing ? nero ? cyberlink ? and others ? i did not try shampoo so i cannot compare.

I’ve used CD Burner XP for about 6 years without a single issue (other than my own stuff-ups).

Ewen :slight_smile:

according to the O.S - windows 8 x64 - is CD Burner XP recommended for burning an iso ?

It’s fine - CDBurnerXP: Free CD and DVD burning software - see under KEY FEATURES

Ewen :slight_smile:

Q: Are there any conflicts with other programs?
A: The Comodo Personal Firewall is known to cause problems. Also, to ensure that everything works properly, do not use 2 burning programs at the same time (that doesn’t mean you cannot have 2 or more buring programs installed).

from faq cdburnerxp

i will give it a try - it looks easy to use and efficient -

thx panic

How is Ashampoo Free latest? Is it easy & reliable for average users? I have heard that they spam you, bloatwares with the installer, ads using the programs, etc…
I checked the details in the website, it doesn’t mention anything about Lightscribe or labeler.
And does Labeling software needs to start with windows?
And does labeling software needs installed burner software or portable can do?

Ashampoo is very easy to use and I don’t get any ads except for the occasional one to buy the paid version. I don’t remember any bloatware in the installer either. You do get emails about their products too but I think you can stop those.

So Lightscribe needs Lightscribe enabled disc only or some regular disc works?
CDBurner page mentions
“To use LightScribe from CDBurnerXP, you need the following:
A drive which supports LightScribe
LightScribe drivers
LightScribe compatible media (Verbatim is known to be good)
CDBurnerXP 4.0.025 or higher
32 bit version of CDBurnerXP (default)”

I guess they mean Verbatim but LS enabled & not regular, right? OR Verbatim disc comes LS enabled only?
Are LS enabled disc too expensive? Whats the cost diff. between reg. & LS enab. disc?

Lightscribe requires Lightscribe enabled hardware AND media!!