Disaster recovery

I’m new to this and just your average home user - no technicals skills of any kind - so please bare with me!

I am looking for a product that will give me disaster recovery. In other words, if my C disk gets corrupted, can I recover the OS from the backup HDD along with registry settings etc?

Hi totus,

Firstly, welcome to the Comodo forums.

Comodo backup is a data backup application, rather than a disaster recovery application, like Ghost or Paragon Drive Backup. Comodo backup is designed to backup user generated data and files, in general, not the disk structure that the data is stored on.

The idea of a disaster recovery application is a very, very good one, though. Can you please add this to the Comodo Backup Wishlist topic? Comodo are very, very responsive to user suggestions. This, however, isn’t a guarantee, but they really do listen and try to deliverwhat we humble users ask for.

Don’t worry about being new to the forum, or your level of technical expertise. We were all new once and there is a great mix of experience and knowledge (and humour) in the members of this forum.

Remember, the only truly dumb question is the one that never gets asked, 'cause it will never get answered.

Again, welcome to the forums.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi, and welcome to the forum, while not free anymore, Paragon Exact image 8 , which I believe integrated Exact image 7 with it, would be very worth buying. It creates what’s called a back up capsule , invisible to all but Paragon. You easily create this back up capsule on your current drive, a partition on your drive, another drive in your pc, a network drive, etc… Also, you create a boot Paragon disk so if the system crashes, you can boot right from Floppy, CD\DVD<depending what you make. You then choose the image you created and named and it restores in about 15 min, depending on size of back up and restores the COMPLETE partition. Absolutely wonderful to use.