disaster - comodo 3 integrated virus scanner scanning parition on 2nd hard drive

Have never run the virus scanner integrated into Comodo 3 before.

Ran it tonight and left my machine for a while. Came back to find machine very unresponsive. Had a job shutting anything down and eventually had to do a hard reboot.

On restarting chkdsk ran and reported 6 or so segements as unreadable on the partition of the hard drive comodo was scanning. chkdsk ground to a halt with hd activity light permanently lit.

After a few restarts and trying to boot into last known good config, safe mode etc chkdisk then startedto run through the same partition reporting everything as unreadable.

I stopped this by doing another hard reboot (it didn’t look good!) did another hard reboot and decided to reformat the partition in question with PM.

on restart chkdsk ran again and has stuck after completing verification of files, index and security descriptor.

It is weird that comodo virus scanner was running on the exact partition that is now reporting as being a problem.

Trying to boot into safe mode just hangs machine again.

Any ideas?

I’m assuming you are running Windows XP ?
You could try to disconnect the second drive and see if it will boot from the first.
If that doesn’t work i guess you have to Boot the Windows CD and go to recovery console.
You can do a chkdsk from there and see if it will finish.

Don’t know why CFP scan made your system slow, but the “brute” down trashed some open files.

Do you have 2 hard drives with Windows installed on 1 drive? Or do you have one hard drive with 2 partitions? I have 2 hard drives with Windows installed on one and my games on the other. I have scanned before with Comodo’s scanner and no problems.

two hard drives, xphome on first with a number of partitions (boot, op system and data all seperated).

2nd hard drive had partitions for copy data, page file and sysimages.

The partition being scanned by comodo was the one housing my data back up but also have a second external back up of that which would not have been quite so up to date.

Had already disconnected the 2nd hd and that has allowed me to boot into windows and everything running normally. Now doing another backup of data to external HD.

Both hard drives bought at same time,installed at same time, about 3-4 years ago.

Question is, did Comodo vs do something nasty to my data and/or hard drive or did the HD just go phut? It would be an amazing conincidence if comodo were not implicated in some way as Comodo was scanning the exact partition that seems to be the cause of the problem. None of the other partitions, including the one before it on that drive prompted chkdsk into action.

BTW comodo didn’t make my system slow, it appeared to completely crash the system.

I think its just a coincidence. I have scanned both my pc’s and others with no troubles.

i am not so sure about that.

Anyways, both hard disks installed in august 2005, not sure how long the warranty is.

Not sure I am going to be able to go anywhere with it from here asI think if I plug hd back in I’ll get same error.

You can try to to format the drive from the Control Panel. If not you can try writing zero’s to the drive to erase it.

with drive connected I cannot get past chkdsk with standard bootup.

I am trying to boot into recovery console from XP CD as suggested but of course that just repairs a windows installation and I don’t have a windows installation on the drive that appears to have gone phut.

Hey, what brand Hard Drives are they? I know Seagate Offers a 5 year awarranty on I believe ALL Hard Drives And Western Digital (I prefer) offer s 3 year warranty on the majority of their Hard Drives so if all fails you might be able to contact whichever brand you have and setup an RMA. (:WAV)

You cannot use a Windows repair or install on that drive cause thats not where Windows is installed. What brand of hard drive is it and what size?

Maxtor 300GB IDE 7200RPM 16MB cache

I think now covered by seagate warranty.

Bought in June 2005.

Have just reformatted entire disk having found an error with PM.

error 1151 bad shutdown command I thin it said. After reformat error not found but restarting just hung again in chkdisk after the files, index and descriptor checks completed.

There are several tools offered by Seagate. I always use the one which writes zeros to the drive to completely erase everything. Is the drive completely empty now?