disappointed by CB 3.0

I’ve been a CB 1.x user for a few years. I never used 2.x because it doesn’t support sync copy backup (last time when I checked it someone told me it would be available in 3.x). Today I upgraded to 3.x. UI improvement is very nice. But feature wise I am little disappointed. I usually use CB to do sync copy from my source to multiple destinations. I don’t want to tie up with the CBU file and prefer a straightforward way to recover (just copy everything back). Here are a few surprises with 3.x:

  1. I can’t specify custom profile name until a backup is finished. I had to use google to find the “correct” workflow. It feels very weird. My first sync copy backup took 60 minutes. So I had to wait it to finish. When it finished, I couldn’t find anywhere to enter a custom profile name. It turns out the custom profile feature is only available to CBU file mode. :frowning: 1.x had that feature and I loved it.

  2. Sync copy doesn’t delete old files from the destination folder. :frowning: I was shocked when I found this in another post. I guess I don’t understand what the word “sync” means anymore. Again, this is a feature 1.x had and I always use it.

I am moving back to 1.x (if I can find somewhere to download)

Thank you for your message.

Both problems you reported have been fixed in version 4.

  1. This has been solved by adding a Save button visible while creating a backup so you can not save a custom profile at any time.

  2. Delete propagation has been added.

A BETA version is available here. Please note the BETA version is still a work in progress (not final).

“I am moving back to 1.x (if I can find somewhere to download)” I KNOWWW, I’ve been looking everywhere for v1 download link… because it worked perfectly for me in doing incremental email back and sync… I moved to v3 only because I got a new laptop and this version is HORRIBLE… I can’t even minimize to tray WHAT?! I set the schedule but the back ups never run I always have to do it manually… WHAT?

Please, someone give me a link to v1… v3/4beta ARE BADDDDDDDDDDD!.. why would you ever make your product worse? I was happy with v1, and v3+ has been nothing but headaches…

I still have comobod backup v1 installed on my old laptop is there anyway I can transfer it to my new laptop?

try this: http://softwaredownloadmirror.com/freeware/comodo-backup-

I just don’t understand after 2.x, 3.x, why CB still can’t offer some features that were available in 1.x. BTW, I tried 4.x beta, it’s not any better. The visuals are better. But the UI is not as intuitive as 1.x. The workflow is awful.

I am definitely staying with 1.x until switching to a different product.


what is?

This is perfect: http://softwaredownloadmirror.com/freeware/comodo-backup- - it does exactly what I need… UNLIKE VERSION 3+ - which will not work at all… why did you remove the minimize to tray feature in version 3+? RIDICULOUS… then on top of this when you set the 3+ to backup every hour it never works you have to manually do it… if version 3+ could minimize to tray and then if the scheduler actually worked it would be usable - but right now version 1 works flawlessly for backing up thunderbird, firefox and my documents.