Disappering bookmarks and vanishing downloads

??? Dear friends, I am new here and I hope I am posting in the right place. My PC crashed last week and I was forced to reinstall Windows 7 and Comodo Internet security along with Ice Dragon. I am having some trouble in a couple of area’s . I have repeatedly chatted with Geek Buddy to no avail. I have a user account so my kids don’t have admin. privileges but I am unable to find any programs or articles I try to downloads. The programs , like Google earth, seem to download . I click on the download box when the program is done downloading and it is set up to go into the downloads folder. When the download box opens so I can choose the download location, I see the other downloads I have tried to install. But when I go to the downloads file a few minutes later whatever I just downloaded is gone. I tried to type it into the search box and nothing comes up. It will work on the Admin account side, but that is not where I need them. We use the user account mostly.
The other problem is that every few days most , but not all of my bookmarks disappear. The Geek Buddy folks are at a loss to determine why. I am at a loss to understand either problem. If any of you nice folks have any suggestions for me I would be in your debt. I can run a multi million dollar Cat Scan machine but, alas, not always my own PC. Thank you for your time.

As far as I know.
Default -Upload files - is the folder where you have chosen in your browser settings.
In his native loader not select a folder at boot time.
I would advise you to use the supplement: Down Them All.
It has a choice at boot time. Where do you want to download the file.

As for the second problem - as long as there is no answer.

Edit: Look this text.

Another option would be a good idea to check profile of Firefox, Firefox profile using the correct or not. Remember that each profile has its own set of bookmarks. Close Firefox, if you have not already done so, and then a string in Windows. Type firefox.exe-ProfileManager, to open the Profile Manager Firefox. If you see more than one profile first try to download the default profile and see your bookmarks came back.
Firefox to read as IceDragon. On the profile look at this topic. https://forums.comodo.com/help-a%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BD-cid/how-do-i-create-2-profiles-or-accsess-profile-manager-t96096.0.html

Hello billinthehill,

Are you running IceDragon in the CIS sandbox? Please check if there’s a green border on the IceDragon window while it’s running.

Thank you.