Disappearing topic [resolved]

I find it interesting when something is posted negative about Comodo that it disappears. I thought this was where anything could be discussed. Thanks

I thought so to.

What topic has disappeared?


Are you taliking about this topic?


It’s moved to the proper section.

Often it is just moved to the proper section.

But if it starts to go against the forum policy, it may be locked or deleted.

I presume you mean this one


Move post


If for any reason you cannot find a recent post of yours please go to Profile, and click on Show the last posts of the person.

I find it interesting the people think we remove negative comments.

I would REALLY like you to reply with provable example of this - URLs, dates, times etc.

In the nicest way possible, it’s time to nut up or shut up

I thought this was where anything could be discussed. Thanks

Providing a post conforms to the terms and conditions, then it can. Discussions of a political, racial or religious nature can be removed if, in the opinion of the moderators (who are volunteers and not Comodo staff BTW) they are likely to cause dissent. Similarly, posts that focus on an individual, rather than a product, are likely to be snipped.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. If contrary posts are removed, how come your original post in this topic is still here?? 88)

Occasionally I get upset (a bit) at the mods for locking a topic I think is ok to be left open, but other than that I’m fine with what they do.

And often the post isn’t even hidden…just moved here (I sometimes like to browse that board… 88)).

Have a good day! :stuck_out_tongue:

if you’re looking for your own posts (or you know the OP), you can click your profile (or the OP’s name) to find the posts.

ow, and also, if you have concerns like this one, you can simply PM one of moderators :-La

we don’t delete posts, we ban nasty posters O0

[attachment deleted by admin]

So what did you do with those posts Ganda :o I think you put them in your pocket >:( Huh ;D

Greetz, Red.

You need a better image editor. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry I over reacted and caused all this confusion. Thanks for all the help. I do question Creasys last little snipe! Thanks again.

ok. problem solved then :slight_smile:
i’m gonna lock this topic.
pls PM any online moderator if you wish it to be reopened