Disappearing snapshots!

I’ve used CTM for several years now on an XP desktop and a Vista laptop so I’m quite familiar (and impressed) with it. I prefer v…178 on the desktop. In the past week or so on it, the most recent snapshot has vanished. The first time it occurred I just assumed “I guess I didn’t really take that SS last night” but after it happened again I knew it wasn’t me. I still have over half of my 60GB HD free and I only keep two snapshots. Each night I delete the two day old one, run TMs defragger then take a snapshot. Monthly I un-install CTM and image to an external HD, defrag and then re-install CTM. Once, perhaps twice/week I may shutdown so I’ll pay attention if it’s correlated to that. Any theories and thank you?!

i dont know why the snapshots would delete by themselves. Have you tried locking the snapshots?

I have not but good idea!

let us know if that fixes the problem

I shut the ole gal down last night and last night’s snapshot was still there (without having locked it) after boot this morning. Before I start to lock them I’m going to try to figure out what the issue is and then see if locking is an acceptable work around.