Disappearing Router

Every time I allow my computer to go into standby it is unable to connect to the internet for a brief period of time when it comes back out. This never happened before I started using Comodo. This is annoying but the worst part of it is this. The icon for the internet connection gateway disappears from the all connections window and the icon for my router also disappears from the My network places window. Everything works and connects fine but I am unable to open the web based configuration screen for the router by typing in it’s IP address of in my browser. It says the page can not be found.
The only way to get the icons back and once again be able to connect to the configuration screen is to turn off the computer,unplug the router, wait a bit, then plug the router back in and after it stabilizes, turn on the computer. I suppose if I turn off standby, I can avoid this problem but I shouldn’t have to do that.

Can you please post your router make/model?
How is your pc connected to this router, Wifi/Cable/USB?

And can you test the following after wakeup

Open a command-box and type:
ping -n 100

And see if it responds?

It responds to all ping tests. As I said, all connectivity is fine except to the router configuration page in the browser. It is an el cheapo Walmart Network Everywhere router made by Linksys. The model number is NR041 and it is a 4 port wired router connected to 2 pc’s and a cable modem by ethernet cables.
If I go through the procedure I stated in my original post, the Icons reappear and I can get to the config page but the first time I come out of standby, the icons are gone again.

Update: I got the latest updated driver for my networking card from Microsoft Update and so far the problem with delayed connectivity coming out of standby seems to be gone. The Icons are also staying there for the present, so maybe my problem is fixed. Let’s hope so anyway.

Sounds good, let’s hope it’s fixed now, any release notes on the update?

No, it just said it was the latest update from Realtek dated 3/2009, I was using the one that came with this machine that was dated somewhere in 2005.