Disappearing Global Rules.

I have just installed Comodo Firewall and I noticed that by default it had 5 or 6 global rules. They mentioned blocking various ICMP connections, I think. After a few minutes configuring things, they disappeared.

I didn’t delete them, and when I check the configuration changes log, there is no mention of them being deleted. The only things I had done were clicking “Stop All Traffic” and “Restore All Traffic” and then run the Stealth ports wizard, which created 4 new global rules. This is mentioned in the configuration changes, but there is no mention of the original rules being deleted.

How can I get the original rules back, or at least find out what they were?

Thank you.


Everyone has these rules (attached) once starting out
You have run Steal Port Wizard Which Made the original rules changed

Please See This

Comodo Help <

To Get them back run steal port wizard and select “Alert me to incoming connections and make my ports stealth on a per-case basis”

did this help?


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Ah yes, it did. Thank you.

I’ll have to look into the stealth ports wizard further.

Although, the configuration changes logs once again says “Object added” for the five new rules it has just added, but doesn’t mention any “Object removed” for the rules it has just removed, which is what was confusing me.

The Stealth Ports Wizard is a bit confusing. To see the effect just check Global Rules.