disappearing frame & toolbar

Hello.I installed CD on my Aunt’s pc(Windows 7 64 bit),& every once in a while the frame & toolbar disappears & she can’t close CD.It freezes & needs to do a hard reboot.I also have CD & never had any problems.She has the same settings in CD & the same antivirus(Avast-Webrep disabled)as i do.She never had any problem with Firefox when she used that.Here’s a pic…notice nothing above the Bing bar.Thank you in advance for any help.

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Hi and welcome fenson,
Are you sure your Aunt is not accidentally entering full screen mode from a mouse or keyboard gesture?

To try, next time the tool-bar disappears key F11.


Thank you for your reply.Yes i am sure it is not in full screen mode.As you can see in the pic,her desktop wallpaper is showing above Bing(a good part of it too).

Sorry my mistake, I somehow missed her wallpaper image showing. :-[
Was this a new Dragon install or an update?
If it was an update, I would consider trying a new user profile in case some form of corruption occured during the update process.
Note: Bookmarks, settings and preferences etc are not rolled over to the new profile.
I recommend exporting bookmarks to a HTML file, before creating the new profile.
To create a new user profile in Comodo Dragon

It was a new Dragon install.It doesn’t happen often,about once every couple of days,but it still happens.We don’t live close to each other,so i can’t go & look at it.I never experienced that with any browser i have used or tried.

This is a long shot, but I wonder if this is caused by a display driver issue, please try the suggestion by ‘George-Silviu Blendea’ posted here.

Thank you,but she did that & soon after it happened again.I guess the next time i’m there(in about a month),i’ll take a look at it.

Good luck fenson, sorry I have no other suggestions.

I think finally this problem is solved.All this time she was using the default CD theme.A week & a half ago i got to go over there & i switched themes & it hasn’t happened since.