Disappearing box alerts

When I begin receiving a series of alerts. The first one or two are fully visable. If there are more, they tend to be only partially visable until eventually only the allow button is visable. I cannot see what I am supposed to respond to. I do not know if they are firewall or D+ alerts.

This seems like a hardware problem, but I have had the same computer for several years without anything at all similar. I have an IBM T42, XP Pro SP2, Comodo v3, ESET AV, Train with Safe Mode for both firewall and D+, very low alert frequency for firewall.

Your posting the same question all over. Try disabling the balloon tips I told you in your other post. Right click on the system tray icon and click “disable balloon tips”. I think your getting confused with balloon tips and alerts. Alerts just don’t disappear unless you never respond to them.


I posted this again because I have two separate questions: (1) what is the difference between firewall with D+ and firewall with leak protection, and (2) what do I do about alerts that do not completely appear. I still do not have an answer to the first question.

Re the alerts, “disappearing” is not accurate, but the problem occurs when I receive a series of alerts - it does not occur with every alert. The first and maybe second alert of the series appears and I am able to make my choice of Allow or Treat this application as. Then sometimes I receive a rapid succession of follow-up alerts, but they are not fully visible, only partially visible with the desktop appearing through the alert box where most of the details are. Sometimes only the OK and Cancel buttons at the bottom are visible so that I cannot see what the alert is for. It seems as though the alerts are popping up so fast that my computer screen cannot display them properly. Maybe it is a hardware/software problem with my computer, but I have never seen anything like it until I installed Comodo FW.

Re your suggestion, I have disabled the balloon tips and will see if that solves the problem. I do not believe I am confusing balloons and alerts.

Try leaving D+ in training mode for a week. I have never been flooded with alerts. I also manually add alot of my programs so I don’t get alerts.