i finally uninstalled comodo internet security because

  1. Sandboxie is not working.
  2. update is slow.
  3. it doesn’t have virtual environment to give verdict on unrecognized and partially sandboxed files on the system itself.
  4. no update scheduling.
  5. no option to update to beta version in program update.
  6. when i right click some files, it is not showing run in sandbox option in all locations.
  7. when i opened firefox with comodo sandbox as partially limited, it is not showing alert to save downloaded files to desktop, i have to go to virtual root or sandbox folder to get that file, not user friendly.
  8. sandbox is not fully virtualized.
  9. cis has defence plus but it is actually not a behaviour blocker.
  10. slowing down internet speed.
  11. Not all the whitelist softwares or files are safe.
  12. threats cleaning is not efficient.
  13. some times defence plus forgots all its rules which is very very annoying.

Please improve CIS and after that add new features… Thanks for giving this opportunity.

You have already posted this here: Why did you uninstall CIS? Please help us improve by telling us why.

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