Disabling Sync Pop-Ups In Windows 7


I’m using Comodo Time Machine on a Windows 7 laptop. I want the snapshot to keep all data from being affected by the snapshot (Which happens each time the laptop is booted up) in the User Data folders and AVG anti-virus folder located in Program Files x86.

Each time I boot up the laptop I get an administrator permission message for Program Files x86 even though I am an administrator and if I say ‘Continue’ it won’t sync the AVG folder because it is in use. Unfortunately I have to keep AVG on startup.

So, I need a way of disabling this pop-up message on startup.

Any help?


I must say I don’t quite understand your issue. You meant the message wouldn’t come up before CTM was installed ? If you’re using 2.8 version, you may give 2.9 beta a try. I don’t think it’s related to CTM though, as this is the first time I’ve heard about this “message” problem.

p.s. you may also uninstall AVG and reinstall it to see how it works out !