Disabling Smileys

Is there a setting anywhere in your profile to disable smileys globally/by default?? (If so, I can’t find it). Or do you always have to do the “Additional Options” check (“Don’t use smileys”) for each post??

The reason I ask is that a few times I’ve forgotten to do that “Additional Options” thing, and a parenthesis symbol turned out to be a smiley. Fortunately, I clicked on Preview and saw my mistake and I went back in and edited the post and checked “Don’t use smileys” and corrected it, but this seems tedious.

I also agree! Sometimes half the page can be filled up with smileys And you waste time from reading the post. COUGH COUGH Lewis Hamilton! I have asked him too cool off with the smiley’s but he hasn’t replied for a while :frowning:

So I take it that there’s no way to disable them globally/by default and that you have to do the “Additional Options” thing all the time.

Hey guys you can stop them if you use Firefox with Ad Block Plus.Just click on the ABP logo then hover over the entries at the bottom,when you find the ones you want to block highlight it and choose"Block this Item".
Not sure of any other way to do it.

It’s admin stuff…