Disabling sandbox

How do I disable CIS sandbox w/o CIS whining that multiple protection components are disabled? I tried rebooting but still CIS is orange and says multiple etc. CIS goes back to red if I enable sandbox but no need for sandbox.

Please read here, there have been changes in the latest version CIS 8, the sandbox is now classed as essential component.


except I got it disabled on my other comp w/o any whining (and currently is sb disabled and no whining) and in this comp before I had to uninstall and reinstall CIS. both comps have same CIS version other has Vista and other has 7.

My guess would be its a difference between Vista and 7’s Action Center.

It does not appear to be the case as I have both and they react in the same way, disable sandbox no action disable defense+ notified by both.

Both have been upgraded to version CIS 7 in the same way.


I was about to uninstall comodo right after a few minutes after it said PROBLEM
when sandbox is disabled.

But then the initial scan finished and the nonsense warning disappeared. Even though it said, component disabled first.

Its like rogue antivirus message to have found something terrible which isnt there, but claiming it about itself :smiley:

Vista security center said (when CIS reported that Comodo Agent can’t be started) that Comodo Defense+ is off (and Windows defender too) but diagnostics said no problems and in clean installation (after reinstalling os on main comp) I was able to disable sandbox w/o CIS starting to whine but afterwards I have enabled sandbox on both comps. Go figure.