Disabling "malware" blocking?

Is there a way to disable this new (and obviously very immature) feature? Not only does it currently block a lot of sites that don’t have malware at all, I don’t even want real malware sites blocked for me. I use Comodo DNS instead of the DNS of my ISP because I don’t want all the interference my ISP is putting into the DNS - but now Comodo is doing it, too? Am I really the only person who wants an unaltered, standard-compliant DNS server?

I’ve used Comodo DNS for a long time, but this new development is totally unacceptable to me, so I guess I’ll give Google DNS a try now.

Currently I don’t believe there is an option to disable the blocking as SecureDNS doesn’t have a front end to configure the options like a service such as OpenDNS does. I would hope functionality like this would be something they are planning on adding.

The simplest solution would be to provide another pair of IPs for unfiltered DNS - they could be configured to route to the same servers as the filtered ones, and the server provide either filtered or unfiltered result depending on the IP the client is using to query.

But frankly, I don’t have much hope for Comodo doing that or anything like it.

I agree, hopefully someone on the Comodo Team will let us know if they are considering any of those features/options, I think some of them are Very Important/Must Have Options for some of us.

I personally want malware blocking, filtering, etc but I also want the option of reporting false positives, unreported malware sites, the option of adjusting the block categories manually (for web-filtering of non-child friendly websites especially), and the option for custom white & black lists.

A stand alone program and/or area in CIS that can easily allow people to enable or disable Comodo DNS and/or check to make sure their computer is properly configured; something like Clear Cloud DNS, would be nice.

Also more information about Comodo DNS and a Privacy Policy in a nice simple clean organized manner on the website would also be nice.

Keep the improvements coming, we will be watching,
-John Jr :wink: :slight_smile: