Disabling Firewall doesn't seem to always work.

I am very curious about this one, but it seems that disabling the firewall doesn’t actually disable it in many cases. In the past I have tried disabling the firewall but it was still clearly blocking some things and even coming up with warning messages.

Also Blizzard warns on their website that disabling some firewalls can result in huge DEcreases in internet performance!! Surely we would expect the opposite?

This quote comes direct from their website:
Important note: Please be aware that many popular firewalls will become very restrictive to traffic when disabled. Please be sure any firewalls you have installed are configured correctly and enabled in order to use the downloader effectively.

How come?

It depends on how you are disabling it. Are you right clicking the tray icon and selecting ‘exit’ or disabling cfp.exe from the msconfig.exe startup tab? If so, you’re just disabling the user interface, not the core firewall service.

Some firewalls, like CFP, will still fully operate even if the interface is shutdown. The reason it becomes restrictive is because when the GUI is closed, the default for every action is “Deny”, since the user can’t answer alerts becuase the interface is shut down. That is why everything should be configured correctly. :slight_smile: