Disabling Core Components not functioning?

This would be for the latest v7…

When I am doing testing on some apps, I disable the AV, D+, and SB, as some of the stuff I do gets false-positives for malware on occasion. I do this by right-clicking on the tray icon, go to each setting and disable permanently.

Never had a problem with v5 doing this, but v7 would simply continue to detect “malware” and quarantine my file, despite having all the core features disabled. Went through the settings, but nothing jumped out at me. If its set to ‘disabled’, it should sit there quietly doing nothing, as instructed.

Any ideas?

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Did you also disable the top 2 settings in the file rating? you might be seeing cloud detections

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Nope, wouldnt have touched those settings. As the AV and D+ were “disabled”, I had no reason to believe they’d have any effect.

I have 1 laptop with v7 still on it, I will give it a try.

Sounds like its probably an oversight on the settings. If the AV and D+ are disabled, it shouldnt be doing detection of any type. If it ends up being the case, should I maybe submit a bug report?

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This is intended behavior. The file rating component runs independent of the other components (ie av, d+ etc)

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Perhaps it would be wise to add it to the tray menu so it can be quickly/easily be disabled for those of us doing development/code work?

you can add this to the wishlist

I’ll consider it, thanks. I’ll just stick with v5 for now, I’m used to its behavior, and I’m more fond of the UI.