Disabling CAV Defense+ wihtout the GUI

Hi all,

I am planning to deploy the antivirus to around 80 workstations and wish to disable Defense+ without having to go and sit in front of each of them.

I am planning to use this as the command to install it:


This command installs the antivirus but with the Defense+ installed and activated.

Is the some way I could either not install Defense+ or disable it from the command line or modifying files/registry?

Thanks in advance

I have no idea. I am not familiar with the command line installation.

May be you have a better chance of getting help for this problem in the sub board of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager. Let me know if you want me to move your problem there.

The CESM can be used for free for deploying on 5 computers.

Hi EricJH and thanks for your response,

I would like to use Comodo Endpoint Security Manager but my company has no budget for antivirus software. We currently have AVG with the admin server installed to manage it all, the license is about to expire and I have been tasked with finding a free alternative.

Comodo antivirus seems to offer good protection and is one of the few that is free for commercial use.

If I could only get the settings right I could go ahead and deploy it. The program must store its settings somewhere, anyone else with any ideas?


Let me know if you want me to move the topic to the CESM board. Even when you don’t use CESM they still may have more knowledge there about using the command line installations.

I would appreciate it if you could move this thread for me. Maybe I’ll have more luck there.



Are you using CESM?

I don’t know of a way to install CIS without Defense+ enable by default.

If you are using CESM you can push CIS to the machine. Once the machine restarts and the user logs in you can push a config out to disable Defense+.

That’s how I pushed CIS to all my clients.

Something I am also looking to do…

I wish there could be a way to supply the configuration file along with the switches so that CIS uses the configuration right after installation…