Disabling antivirus for a specific program

I’ve been trying Paragon backup, but the backups keep giving errors when the antivirus is enabled. Is it possible to get Comodo antivirus to disable for a specific program so I can scheduled my backups and not have to do them manually?

Try Advanced settings - Security settings - Antivirus - Exclusions

Tried this, but it didn’t work. Disabling antivirus, firewall and behaviour blocker still gives errors in Paragon. I get the errors even if I exit Comodo.

I’ve also had problems with a program I wrote in BCB4, this also can’t copy a file from a network location. I’ve added the program and the file its trying to copy to the excluded and trusted lists. The only way to get the file copying is to use task manager to end cmdagent.exe.

Try adding Paragon and BC4 to the Exclusions of Detect shellcode injections and see if that does the trick.