disabling and re-enabling firewall to allow networking

This has probably been covered before and I am hoping for a tutorial.

I have Comodo firewall

I am trying to establish a network between a Windows 7 Pro x64 machine (new) and an XP sp2 machine on which comodo is running.

The tutorial that I have to set up this network suggests that I need to disable the comodo firewall, reboot both machines and then, after the network is recognized re-establish the comodo firewall such that it will allow the network and the windows 7 machine to have access to the XP machine and vice versa.

Can someone give me a step-by-step or provide a link to a tutorial?

PS (on edit) I have just recieved notification that there is an upgrade available for my Firewall. Would it be better to upgrade before doing this?

Always a good idea to run the latest software. As per the networking issue, you must first establish that it is a firewall issue.

To disable the firewall, right click on the Comodo icon in your system tray, move mouse over Firewall security, choose disabled.

See if you can then setup your networking. If yes, what you can do is to add your network to “My Network Zones”. Start the GUI > Firewall > My Network Zones. Click the add button and follow the prompts.

Remember to re-enable your firewall. Hope this helps.



Thanks for the response. Yes I’ve gotten far enough to establish that the network is operational at least to the extent that each system sees the other (still have some permissions issues) and I understand that I need to add the network to my network zones but there is already a network IPthere. I’m not sure but I think it is referring to the address of my computer.

But I don’t have anyidea how to identify the other computer’s IP or address or name. At this point I am stumped.

I talked to a tech rep at Comodo Enterprises today and if I understood him correctly he said to delete everything in My Network Zones, reboot and let commodo find the network.

Does that sound right?

That sounds about right. By default CIS is set to automatically detect new networks. So after deleting the network a dialogue will show up and will enable you to make the newly found network a trusted network. That’s the fasest way to go. That should cover most if not all of your problems.

Comodo Firewall 3.0 was never made for Win 7 and it misses all developments after its release. so it is best to update to the latest version. You cannot export/import your old configuration due to changes under the hood.

Get the latest version in COMODO Internet Security 3.13.126709.581 Released . To be on the safe side of things you can use this clean up tool after the mandatory reboot after uninstalling.

Let us know how things go.

Thanks Eric,

Two quick questions…first, my instructions for establishing the network suggest disabling Comodo and rebooting to get the system to see the network. Am I right in assuming that I should delete the entries in My Network Zone before disabling Comodo and rebooting?

The other question is more prosaic…I am running Comodo on WinXP…if I decide not to upgrade, there shouldn’t be any problems should there?

You don’t need to disable Comodo to do as I described. Not sure if you need the reboot to let it redetect your network. When you don’t immediately get a pop up after removing the entries in My Network Zone you need to reboot.

I guess not updating on the XP won’t be the biggest of problems. You will miss bug fixes and further enhancements. As such I would like to encourage you to update though.

This morning when I turned on my computer and went to remove the network in My Network Zones, I discovered it was already gone. CIS has not detected the network even though there seems to be a connection–at least I can log onto the Internet over a wireless antenna from the Windows 7 machine.

I have rebooted and it still has not detected a network. Perhaps it will not do so until I get my network set up correctly?

Strange…it seemed to have seen a network before i got one working between the two computers, now it doesn’t.

I feel I am a little out of my league here so if some of these questions or observations seem a bit off-base, please excuse me

Make sure that “Automatically detect new private networks” is enabled under Miscellaneous -->Settings -->General.

Thank you…I didn’t have that checked.

Thinking more about what you said, I decided to go ahead and upgrade but when I went to export my settings Comodo froze. All three times I have attempted this the same thing happened.


As I stated in the above it is unfortunately not possible to export/import your old 3.0 settings in 3.13 due to changes under the hood. So you will have to start from scratch. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news here… Whatever is causing the export problems does not matter now.

Please follow the instructions I gave in the above.

Keep us posted.:-Tu

Dern! OK…well…

So right now I have my firewall set on Train with Safe Mode and my defense setting at clean PC mode.

Does that sound about right? for a clean install of the upgrade, I mean?

When using Train with Safe Mode the firewall will make rules for trusted program and will alert for unknown program.That’s a pretty safe and comfortable way to go.

With D+ in Clean PC Mode you need to know for sure your system is free of malware. It will make automatically make rules for what is on your HD except for programs that are introduced on your HD. When you are certain your system is clean it is convenient and a no brainer.

One final question, if I may…If the new version won’t accept my old configurations (which my current installation won’t export anyway) and if I am advised to un-install my current version, how will the new version know that I am paid and have a licensed copy for upgrade?

To be honest I don’t know. I have never used the paid version so I have no knowledge of how this works.

However the programs for both the free and paid version are the same. With the paid version you get the Live support and Trust Connect if I am not mistaken. So, you could start with installing the firewall and setting it up.

I have asked the other mods if they know how the subscription thing works.