Disabled sandbox for the time being

After I installed CIS 4.0, a few minutes later I got a popup saying bdagent.exe (Bitdefender AV) had been sandboxed. I immediately clicked on the button to reject it. Afterwards, it kept sandboxing everything that it could lay its hands on.

Some time later I was running a Windows update, and it sandboxed that as well, it kept giving messages and I kept rejecting it and finally the installer gave a message that I didn’t have administrator privileges. The installer continued for another two minutes, but the update was not installed, and then I disabled the sandbox and ran the setup again and this time it finally installed the update.

I already have Sandboxie (free), is there any need for the CIS sandbox? I don’t even use Sandboxie all that much. What has everyone else done - do you keep the CIS sandbox enabled?

Sorry that you are having this problem.

The CIS sandbox is not the same as Sandboxie. CIS uses an automatic sandbox to protect you from unknown files while they are checked out by Comodo. Please have a look at the “Introduction to the Sandbox”, link in my signature.

It’s not difficult to remove most files from the sandbox, please have a look at this draft new FAQ on removing files from the sandbox here.

Best wishes