Disabled auto update before scan: will not let me scan without update

I’ve had issues with CIS updating continuously (exhausting my bandwidth) so I set it to manually update (which works fine). I also disabled (unchecked) the “update before scanning” option. However, when I attempt to accomplish a scan, CIS tells me it could not update the database and closes the scanner (even though my bases.cav is up to date (done manually before the scan).

Anyone able to suggest why is CIS ignoring my settings? Or, how can I accomplish a scan without first allowing CIS to accomplish an automatic update - whether I like it or not and contrary to my settings?



Can you please verify the More → About window and post a screenshot of it?

Sorry for the delay Ronny; scrn shot attached.



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Let me repeat to understand you correctly.

You install CIS, you manually download a full database, reboot and then try to run a scan?

Thanks Ronny,

Your understanding is correct.

I have gone so far as to manually update CIS, then immediately click on the scan button (which is telling me that I have not run a scan yet), the scanner launches, then tells me it could not update the database (off hand I cannot recall the exact words), and then closes.

Taken at its face, it appears that the scanner does not know the database is up-to-date, or ignores the settings (to scan without first updating). I have also wondered if the scanner behaves like the bases.cav file when CIS is first installed and the bases.cav file is manually updated and copied to the scanners directory. Even though the bases.cav file is current, CIS (at least in my installation) must be updated through the UI in order for CIS to indicate (or learn) that the definitions are up to date. I have yet to test that theory - if only out of stubbornness: after all, CIS indicates to me that I do am able to accomplish a scan without first checking to see if the database is up to date.


I tried the following.
Install CIS, copy a bases.cav from my host machine, before reboot decline, start GUI untick all AV ‘auto-update’.
After reboot and logon CIS tries to automatically update the database and fails because my NIC was disabled.
The GUI shows [BUTTON] ‘The virus signature database is not up to date’ - Summary AV - Last update ‘never updated’.
About shows 11328.

But if I press ‘scan now’ it starts without complaining to do a complete scan.