Disable Windows 10 firewall in Comodo Free Firewall?

Hi. After many years of using the free Zonealarm firewall I’ve been experimenting with the Comodo Free Firewall in a new Windows 10 desktop system. I went through a complex process after reading through several guides and watching a couple YouTube tutorials.

However I just realized I hadn’t checked to see if the installation process I went through automatically disabled the Windows firewall as Zonealarm has always done. So I just went in to Windows 10 Control Panel and found the firewall was still enabled. To avoid potential conflicts, I went ahead and disabled it for both private and public networks.

But now I’m wondering if this is common, or did I miss some setting in the Comodo Firewall setup that would have disabled the Windows firewall?

Thanks for any feedback

The firewall does not get disabled automatically in windows 8 and forward.

Thanks for that Sanya.