Disable USB usage in a PC with CIS [SOLVED]


I am not requesting that COMODO develops a tool to disable USB ports, I know there are some for free out there.
However, for RAM saving purposes, I think that with a right configuration of CIS this could be achieve.

Is there any way that I can Configure in CIS in order to disable for good the usage of USB?
What do I have to block permanently within CIS (what exe file, service, etc) in order to disable USB completely?

Like I said, I dont want to install any other third party software to achieve that.
And if CIS can block the execution of legitimate software by a manual rule, then I understand that there should be a rule I can create to disable USB. Also, I know I can unplug the USB power cable if I open the PC… but if I have 90 PCS thats not a good idea.

If there is any suggestiong with ESM also would be appreciated. Thank you for any help!

How much ram does usb take?
Is disabling of usb not a hardware setting?

I dont mean that USB consumes ram. What I meant is that if I have installed CIS already, I want to us CIS to disable the usage of USB. If I install other software just to block the USB usage, then I will be using more RAM. I know is not that much, but there is no need to if I have CIS because with CIS you can block many software, including the software or drivers of the USB ports but I dont know what files I should block.

Like I mentioned in my original post, I know I can through hardware disable the USB.
But I know there are many software that can block the USB usage too. If I only could know what file or folder should I block with CIS, that would be enough to block the usage of USB (without the need to do a hardware setting).

I cant remember from using paranoid mode that i was asked about an usb driver. If comodo doesnt ask for it, can it be blocked by comodo?

If you want to go through this, you could try a clean rule set with paranoid mode. (backup your old setting before).

Well, I blocked “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\USBSTOR.SYS” which is the driver for USB storage.

If I added this file at the blocked list of files, why its not blocked when a USB its plugged in the USB port?
I even restarted the PC so COMODO can take my new configuration, but didnt help.

Apparently someone a few years ago had the same idea, I am trying to apply his idea but its not working:

Comodo guys, I know you can do it! please help. thank you. ;D

I did it!

I could block the usage of USB storage devices by only setting some simple rules in CIS.

Funny that other vendors have to use PC resources to run this type of plugins, while with CIS you only use a couple of rules and thats it. No more resources needed for the same purpose.

No hardware intervention needed, either. :smiley:

Thank you COMODO for this great product.

Hi Wev,

could you explain how do you make ?