Disable updater in Comodo 2.4


Yesterday I decided to stay (forever) with Comodo 2.4 … I dumped the Comodo 3 RC1 firewall because I couldn’t handle it (way too difficult for me). Now I’m looking for a way to prevent comodo 2.4 from updating to a new version in the near future…

Hi from Denmark
Sorry, if I use the wrong thread !

I’ve used Comodo for several months now no errors, excellent product.
Once in a while it checks for automatic updates.
I’ve used CFP_Setup_English_2.4.18.184
Due to virus I’ve installed/reinstalled this many times without errors
(Except saying not active, but it gets there a bit later)
About a week ago the updater found something new (for the first time ?)
Now I cannot install/reinstall anymore.
Now I’ve used hours of manual regedit cleanup, fileremoves etc. but something still remains.
I’m therefore also interested in turning autoupdate off (:AGY)
When reinstalled everything looks good for about 5 secs and then it turns itself off due to
incompatible files.


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thank you !!! (:LOV)