Disable Update Popup

Is there a way to disable the “Updates available” popup and make it so it only appears after the Windows Startup(and then instantly?)?
I have various things where the PC cannot be interrupted at all cost, so having it popup mid task is no option.

i guess you could try and disable: Check for programs updates and see what happends
and manaully update CIS after windows reboot.

!ot! i would guess that you want max security. and Silent Mode is not recommended.

Havent used Silent Mode so before so i made a quick test with Silent Mode and CF was configured to Custum Rulset (Ask for unknown and trusted programs when they want to connect to internet)
Do not show popup alerts (Disabled)

and i tried to start a unknown program, but the firewall dident suppressed or postponed the program, it allowed the program to connect to internet, and added a firewall rule.

so i dont think Silent Mode is for you.

But at times when you are involved in activities like playing computer games, where you do not want to be interfered with such alerts, you can temporarily stop them from being displayed. require undisturbed environment. During this time, the operations that can interfere with users’ gaming experience are either suppressed or postponed.

Hello, thanks for your comment and sorry for my late reply, been very busy in life recently.
Disabling that would disable the updates=not good for security, think I’d forget to manually check but Windows does remind me after a while.

Kinda forgot to write it in my comment, but yeah, I’ve used Silent Mode in the past, is alright and I like how you can have it enabled for a “unlimited” amount of time(if the AV notifies Windows of being not up to date, Windows will complain), was just wondering if there was a way to suppress popups and maybe have Comodo only do that after startup/show baloon messages instead(those don’t rob focus or interrupt).

Thanks for the help through, do hope that we get something that isn’t a popup somewhere in the future.