Disable TCP/IP Stack from user-space


I am the author of the Open-Source Project: Traffic Squeezer
Refer project URL for more details: http://trafficsqueezer.sourceforge.net

For my project, I need my basic Linux box to run more like a transparent L2-bridge.

So, i want to disable the TCP/IP kernel space stack from the user-space.
(Though a new kernel build can be built with no TCP option)

I want an option to disable it from the kernel which has got already the
TCP/IP stack up, from my user-space application too, when in need during runtime,
something through ioctl() calls, etc.

Can anyone help me on this regard :THNK

Rgds, Kiran. K

Unfortunately I cannot offer much help, I have not done much programming on linux.

Wouldn’t the best idea be to compile a custom kernel, and add your own API call??

Yep, customizing kernel and adding the API would be the choice possible, only if I provide the complete embedded solution(with hardware), or a custom distribution (something like TrustixSecureLinux OS) or some patch along with my application code.

But, say suppose end-user(may or may not know much about Linux OS stuff) have a fresh installation of any Linux distribution(Fedora, Ubuntu, SUSE, etc, etc).

With my code, without any hassles I want him to just install and make use of this functionality. (:HUG)

rgds, Kiran. K