Disable selectively HIPS

A small question …

I can disable the hips only for non-system disk drivers (D: E: …)?

The problem is this … I use non-system discs to create very big executables that changes very often, then HIPS notes these changes and annoying continuously with the requests for confirmation of safe files. I want to eliminate these continuous requests or disabling HIPS on these discs (keeping active on the system) or in other ways … Is this possible?

Thank you!

p.s. Sorry for my poor English … :slight_smile:

Disabling Defense+ (HIPS) Disables HIPS for the entire computer (It’s not possible for each disk you have), Yes you can disable it, But will cut off 50% of your protection.

Switch to Clean PC Mode & all currently installed apps wont be alerted for.


Create a program group with whatever needs to access these drives and then allow D:* in defence+ rules for protected files/folders.